When Austin and Lauren decided they needed a new home, they thought they wouldn’t need to go more than a few steps behind their current house to find it. They had visions of building a new home right behind their existing home on a lot they owned in Golden Valley. However, after deliberating and thinking it over, they wanted to first explore their options to see what they could find in the existing home market. We met and talked through their needs and wants and within a few days they were out looking at homes with a specific focus on Minnetonka and Golden Valley.

After three showings at a home in Minnetonka they were just about to pull the trigger on, a totally remodeled home came on the market in Golden Valley that fit exactly what they were looking for. It had the huge, totally redone, upper level master suite, a very nice main level with room for the new baby coming in the spring, and a “sweet” yard for Brutus and a massive garage for Austin. It was perfect. We negotiated and came to terms and Austin and Lauren just moved in a few days ago and absolutely love it. What about that land you ask? Well, we put that on the market and worked our contacts and got a full price offer within a week! They were pretty happy about that and we should be closing on that in late December! Congrats on the purchase and the little one! We are very excited for you!

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