Back in August, I had the joy of helping a young couple buy their first home. I learned a lot about them and their preferences during our initial consultation, which led us to many great options. We pursued a couple different homes for a while, and had one snatched away  by another buyer before there was time to put in an offer ourselves. However, it all really helped to define the priorities – a family friendly neighborhood and a home that would be ideal for starting a family.

They were wonderful, flexible, positive and I felt honored to be their realtor throughout the whole process.

We finally found the perfect home for them – a cute home with an open floor plan, large yard and very close to Fish Lake in Maple Grove. It was such a joy helping you buy your first home, Charlie & Lindsay! I hope this home will provide many incredible memories for you and your family over the years!

Here is a picture of them the day they purchased it:

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