DIY Recycling Center for Kids

Are anybody’s kids con­stantly using cereal boxes, cans, bot­tles, and other recy­clables for their inven­tions and art projects? If so, it usually requires a spot where the kids could eas­ily access the re-purposed trash.  Why not put together a mini-recycling sta­tion to min­i­mize the chaos and keep things in control?

Your kids will absolutely love their new mini-art sup­ply store, and they may even get more thrilled about devis­ing ways to use the “new” mer­chan­dise. Here’s a run­down of how to put every­thing together so you can put together a recy­cling cen­ter of your own!


DIY Recycling Center for Kids


Putting every­thing together is a pretty straight­for­ward process. You can get float­ing shelves  from IKEA  which gives every­thing a clean and mod­ern look, and they are a snap to install.

Your kids will enjoy the new space, and you’ll adore watch­ing their imag­i­na­tions run wild. As you can see from the pho­tos, we love the fab­u­lous duct tape river-raft project. It’s def­i­nitely a bath-time favorite in our house.

Here are some other fun DIY recy­cled projects to get you inspired and get your cre­ative juices flowing…

Recycled juice cartons and plastic bottle caps make great toy cars!

Recycled juice cartons and plastic bottle caps make great toy cars!

Juice car­tons and plas­tic bot­tle caps make ter­rific toy cars!

Recycled half-gallon milk jugs are perfect for storing colored pencils, markers, and other craft supplies.

Half-gallon milk jugs are per­fect for stor­ing col­ored pen­cils, mark­ers, and other craft sup­plies.

DIY Recycled Milk Jug Star Wars Helmet for Kids

Milk jugs can be trans­formed into con­vinc­ing hel­mets for a lit­tle Star Wars fan.

We would love to hear about your recy­cling solu­tions and what your doing in your house to reduce waste! Happy upcycling 🙂

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