Fjelstad - JessicaI met Jessica when she was interested in finding a place in the Plymouth area. She’s real go-getter and works for her family business. She wanted to be near her work and where she grew up, while staying within a comfortable budget. We started looking at SF homes in the Plymouth/MG area, but as she looked, she started to realize that they needed a lot more work than she wanted to do. So, we opened the search up to townhomes in the area and right away found an amazing place at a very good price. It was in really great shape and had the perfect space for entertaining. We put an aggressive offer in immediately before anyone else could have a chance to put an offer in and it was accepted!  Jessica, being the financially responsible gal that she is, has plans to pay off her mortgage early and we are so proud of her for that! Jessica also happened to be our 150th closing of the year so a big shout out to Jessica for trusting her purchase with us!

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