We are THANKFUL every day and especially around the Holidays for the AWESOME clients we’ve been able to serve in 2014. As we close out the year, we want to take the time to thank you all for your trust in us as a team. We help MANY Plymouth, and surrounding area, residents and we are grateful for all of your support. We want to specifically thank Paul and Diane for their tremendous review of our team. We recently sold their home at 4820 Orchid Lane N, Plymouth and this is what they had to say:


As we unpack in our new residence, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your stellar professional work in successfully marketing our longtime family home in Plymouth, which was no longer the right size for sixty-something empty nesters. We felt really confident and secure with your well thought out plan for the whole process of educating us, prepping the property (staging, pre-inspection, photography, etc.), listing, pricing, marketing, negotiating, and closing. You laid out the plan and then followed it through to the end.

We especially appreciated the marketing you did. Other realtors often tout their marketing, but do little actual advertising. During the less than two months that our home was on the market, I stopped in at nearby open houses. When I told hosting realtors that I actually was there to check out competing properties, they asked how many showings we had had at our house. More by far had come through our home, and the literature and photos they displayed paled in comparison to the brochures Kerby and Cristina prepared for our home. We also appreciated the online marketing, with our house having its own website! Our house was also prominently advertised and photographed in the Kerby and Cristina newspaper, Expert Advisor. That newspaper, by the way, is why we called on Kerby and Cristina in the first place—it’s an impressive paper, showcasing properties and your awesome team.

I’d also like to note another important matter. Since most often, one agent lists a property, and another finds and represents the buyer, we weren’t used to a dual agency situation. Nevertheless, the Kerby and Cristina team also found our buyer! This could make one question for whom the realtor is truly working. Not so with Kerby and Cristina! They very ably represented both parties. With their large team, they assigned a buyer’s agent to show the home and look after the buyer, and Kerby, as our agent truly looked after our interests. He even stepped up to take care of potential sticking points at no expense to us.

To conclude here, my wife and I both want to say a big thank you to everyone on the Kerby and Cristina team. You’re doing a great job, and you have our confidence and we are glad to give our friends and family our heartiest recommendation to call on Kerby and Cristina.


Paul and Diane

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