Let’s Talk Money: The Biggest Financial Questions Sellers Have

By: Cristina Edelstein-Skurat Don’t get caught off-guard about common real estate expenses and financial terms. When you’re thinking about the financial aspects of selling your home, it’s easy to focus on how much you can potentially get for your home (and how to maximize potential profit). After all, the real estate market is still extremely […]

8 Fun and Unique Museums Around Minnesota

Did you know that Minnesota, especially the Twin Cities, is home to many unique museums and historical places to visit? Whether your family loves art, science, aviation, or history, you can find cultural spots of interest in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs. Continue reading to discover some of the best museums in Minnesota. 1. Minneapolis […]

4 Reasons Why the End of Forbearance Will Not Lead to a Wave of Foreclosures

By: KCM With forbearance plans about to come to an end, many are concerned the housing market will experience a wave of foreclosures like what happened after the housing bubble 15 years ago. Here are four reasons why that won’t happen. 1. There are fewer homeowners in trouble this timeAfter the last housing crash, about […]

The Trade-Offs You Should & Shouldn’t Make When Searching for Your Next Home

If you’re house hunting, this blog post is for you!  We’ve all been there – the excitement of finding a house that we think might be perfect, only to find out that it needs an expensive new roof or features a less-than-ideal layout. With so many decisions to make during the home buying process, it’s […]

Selling This Summer: Do I Have to Make Repairs Before I List My Home?

Well, it depends… The answer to this question is so individual and subjective that (spoiler alert) we won’t be telling you exactly what to do. Instead, we will describe the factors to consider in detail, and the three most common options sellers choose when it comes to repairs. 3 Options to Sell As stated, there […]

Just looking? These 7 Home Features Should Be On Your Radar

When you are dreaming of moving to a new home but not yet ready to make the leap into your future, it’s a good idea to consider the details of what that future life will look like. As you get closer to starting the process, you should have a well-rounded idea of your wants and […]

Hope Is on the Horizon for Today’s Housing Shortage

By KCM The major challenge in today’s housing market is that there are more buyers looking to purchase than there are homes available to buy. Simply put, supply can’t keep up with demand. A normal market has a 6-month supply of homes for sale. Anything over that indicates it’s a buyers’ market, but an inventory […]