MonteMonte and I met a few months back and he wanted to find a little place for himself that he could make his own with a good garage and that would be very affordable for him – cheaper than he was paying in rent! So we set off on a quest to find that knowing that there are hardly any options under $100,000  anymore in the Twin Cities. We found a charming little short sale with 2 bd/1 bath in Crystal ironically a block from where I used to live! It has great curb appeal and a huge garage with a nice workshop! We made an offer, and it went into multiple offers because it was such a bargain!

Because the home was a short sale in the redemption period, our offer was strong enough to give the sellers the money they needed for the home, therefore bypassing the entire short sale process and saving our buyer a lot of time! Monte was such a trooper through the appraisal process. With a few items that needed to get fixed in order to get his FHA financing, he called in the troops and his family came and fixed everything just in time for the closing! Monte got a sweet home, the sellers didn’t have to short sale, and he has a great home in a fantastic neighborhood in Crystal! Monte, I am so happy for you and I know you’re really going to enjoy the home – not to mention your ridiculously low monthly payments! Best of luck to you in your new neighborhood!

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