Twin Cities Market Update – April 27, 2018

One begins to wonder just how long the housing market can work in the favor of sellers. Low inventory continues to create a competitive situation for buyers that has sales prices meeting asking prices and often going over for well-priced homes that show well. As long as buyers continue to form new households and feel […]

From Renter to First-Time Homebuyer! Congrats, Nick!

Nick was excited about the possibility of owning his first home when we first met. He was tired of long commutes and renting a rundown apartment where things were always breaking down and NEVER getting fixed. He wanted the ability to put his own stamp on a home, put some work into it, and call […]

Twin Cities Market Update – April 20, 2018

The spring of 2018 has exhibited weather patterns that many will not soon forget. Professional baseball games are getting canceled due to snow, vacations are being delayed by grounded flights and the usual rush that takes place in the housing market when the names of months get shorter is maintaining a more even pace. Given […]

Great People, Great Home! Congratulations, Melissa & Brian!

This was the second time that I had the privilege of working with Melissa & Brian. I helped them purchase their first home five years ago and recently, I helped them sell that first home (we had 13 offers – how fun!) and purchase their DREAM home in Rogers. This home is a perfect fit […]

Meet Our Listing Partner, Theo Sandberg

  Each month, we introduce you to one of our fabulous team members. We believe it’s important to have individuals that are experts in each area of the business. Ultimately though, our team’s success is a result of two things… 1) Amazing clients/family/friends who put their trust in us. 2) Our ability to bring individuals together […]

Twin Cities Market Update – April 13, 2018

Climbing out of winter has taken more time than usual for much of the U.S., but house hunting should finally be taking center stage for many buyers. Quickly assessing what’s available for sale will be key for buyers in what is sure to be another competitive selling season. Buyers and sellers must watch for further […]

Twin Cities Market Update – April 6, 2018

In general, housing markets are performing rather well across the country and locally. While some measures may show year-over-year declines at times, the truth of the matter is that showings are plentiful, buyers are eagerly searching for homes to purchase and good properties are exchanging hands whether or not the overall inventory situation is less […]

Twin Cities Market Update – March 30, 2018

The Federal Reserve raised its key short-term interest rate from 1.50 to 1.75 percent, citing inflation concerns in an improved economy with rising wages and low unemployment. Borrowing money will be more expensive, particularly for home equity loans, credit cards and adjustable rate mortgages. Although it is the Fed’s sixth rate increase since December 2015, […]

Twin Cities Market Update – March 23, 2018

There is not much new to report this week compared to last week or the week before, but that is more good news than bad news at this juncture of the year. It’s true that more homes listed for sale would be welcome for a housing market ready for an influx of options. At the […]