Is it possible to buy a home with $100 down?

YES! As far as we know, people are buying a home with a $100 down payment ONLY. How is this possible?  Go to this website:  If you are an “owner occupant,” there are HUD homes available. You could negotiate to have the seller pay 6% of your closing costs, which covers just about all the […]

5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now

If you plan on moving anytime in 2011, you should strongly consider selling your house now rather than waiting. Here are five reasons why: 1.) This is when your house will get the most exposure  The spring, and particularly the month of May, is when most buyers enter the real estate market. This surge of […]

Twin Cities’ Housing Market Update

General Market Inventory levels dropped 10.8 percent from last year, but there are still 23,265 homes on the market for buyers to choose from in the Twin Cities’ metro area. Inventory overall has slowly been creeping up. Average days on the market for homes is about 152 getting about 90% of original list price; so […]

Almost 14,000 Houses Sold Yesterday

One of the biggest misconceptions in today’s housing market is that homes are not selling. That is simply not true. Last month’s Existing Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that homes were selling at an “annual rate of 5.10 million”. That’s an average of 13,973 every day – 365 days a […]

Twin Cities’ Housing Market 5.4.11

Buyer activity was down only 2.3 percent compared to the same week in 2008. It’s still vastly lower than last year, but that is due to the elevated activity from the incentives. The gap between this year’s and last year’s Active Listings for Sale has been growing for 10 straight weeks. There is also a […]

Is This Really a Buyer’s Market?

With falling home prices and higher inventories, most of the public views real estate as a “buyer’s market,” in which buyers hold more of the control and sellers will more eagerly accept lower offers just to sell. Not so fast, say buyers and sellers. More buyers are finding the sellers in the driver’s seat. Buyer […]

Twin Cities’ Market Update 4.26.11

We are nearing the end of the comparison with last year’s tax credit incentives, which pushed a vast increase in the number of active homes on the market, as well as pending sales, as buyers moved quickly in order to take advantage of the credits. Two weeks after the end of the tax credits, pending sales […]

What Do Homeowners Say About Homeownership?

There is no shortage of experts that want to let us know how Americans feel about owning a home after the collapse of the residential market in the last five years. They MUST be devastated. They MUST feel trapped like prisoners in their own homes. They MUST be sorry they ever bought the house. These […]

Market Update

Market activity can vary greatly from one segment to the next. Although overall purchase activity was down 17.6 percent, the foreclosure segment saw a 31.3 percent jump in pending sales and a 29.9 percent jump in closed sales. Foreclosure prices decreased 11.0 percent to $105,000; short sale prices decreased 6.9 percent to $134,950; and traditional […]

4 Financial Reasons to Buy Now

As Dean Hartman said last week, the purchase of a home is a personal decision. However, we want to give everyone four great financial reasons why you should not wait before taking the plunge into homeownership. Interest Rates Are Increasing Interest rates have increased almost 3/4 of a point in the last six months. Most […]