Restaurant Review of the Month – Lat 14

I’ve been driving by the brand-new Lat 14 Restaurant on HWY 55 every day as I travel to and from work, so when Kerby asked if I wanted to review the place, I of course said I would. The initial plan was for it to be an office ladies “date” with our Listing Manager, Emilie, […]

It’s a Cat! NO, it’s Declan!

Just getting ready for the holidays… you know, when kids often find the box more interesting than the gift inside… haha! I caught Declan playing with this box in the kitchen. I have no idea how long this would have gone on if I hadn’t said anything. This kid melts my heart! (Watch until the […]

Thanks so much, Anntonia!

“The first time I met Anntonia, she pulled up to our office in a FUN bright yellow Camaro! I just knew Anntonia would be fun to work with! What was discovered in our first meeting was just how diligent she had been for years to increase her buying power. This would be her first home […]

Congratulations, Jason & Bailey!

“Not surprisingly, Jason and Bailey were so excited to find their first home. I met Jason when he was a senior in high school, as a new friend of my son, Mitchell. It has been a joy to watch him grow up, as well as seeing him meet Bailey and watch them begin their lives […]

Perfect Home with Nice Backyard Found!

“Closing day was a big day for Abdulkarim’s family! The dream of home ownership had been present for many years and our team is so lucky to have been a part of their journey. After years of renting, they were ready to have something of their own. A home where they would each have their […]

Amy Moves Back to Minneapolis!

“Today marks a BIG day for Amy. She purchased her first condo in Minneapolis! It has been such a wonderful journey knowing Amy, not just because she’s my amazing big sister, but also because she is such a loving, giving person. After spending 11 years using her nursing skills in the Dominican Republic and North […]

Thinking Ahead = Selling Over List Price!

  “Pat and Kandy were referred to me by a teammate. They are a Listing Agent’s dream client. If there was anything needed or to be completed, these two just accomplished it. They were always one step ahead! They had completed updates on their home to achieve the highest return on their investment. As their […]

Patience & Persistence Leads to THE HOME!

“Meeting Kalsang and Tenzin was a pure delight! Living in an apartment for an extended period of time, they had need for a move to a larger home so they could bring their mother to live with them. Kalsang and Tenzin had very specific needs regarding the direction the home faced. This brought with it […]

August Restaurant Review: CōV Wayzata

For this month’s restaurant review, I got to enjoy lunch with our team’s Listing Manager, Emilie and Office Assistant, Brian. Emilie chose CōV in downtown Wayzata, and I have to say, it was an awesome choice! We arrived around noon on a Friday for lunch and just about every seat was filled. We were still […]