I started helping Javier when he was looking at investment properties. He wanted to buy a rental. He had a certain amount of cash to work with and he had to be very careful to work within that particular budget in order to be able to find the right investment.

We had to get pretty aggressive out there because obviously those houses in the very lower prices ranges sell super fast! We got aggressive on one that was an auction property. Not a ton of realtors know how to work with those, but we are well versed and were able to help him.

We made it out there, tracked the auction, made sure we had the best final offer out there and were able to lock it up at a fabulous price that will no doubt be a solid investment for him to be able to rent it out in Brooklyn center and be able to make some good money off it over the years. The house does require a little work but it was probably sold at 50% of what the value could have been, so in the end it was a great deal!

We are really happy for Javier and for his creativity and perseverance and willingness to function with a slightly different type of property. Glad to be able to help him and hope this is a good investment!

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