I first met with Sammy in late 2014, when we sat down to discuss his home buying options and goals. At the time he still needed to make a few preparations before they could start actively looking, but we got him on a path with a plan in place to make his home buying dreams come true. They took some time, worked hard and with persistence they were ready to start looking in November of 2016. We looked at a handful of homes before we found the perfect one for them and their growing family. I don’t know who is more excited to move in, Sammy and his Wife Asha, or their children who are looking forward to each have their own bedroom and a backyard to play in!

Sometimes the path to home ownership can be a long road, but I am so happy all their hard work paid off! I was honored to be a part of their experience. Congratulations!

Buyer’s Agent: Krista Holen

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