Brent and Megan were a referral from a past client of ours and are really a one of a kind couple. Very down to earth and easy to get along with… I met with Brent to discuss the home search while Megan conferenced in as she was home with their 9 month old son, Dexter. We got them dialed in on a home search and talked through all the issues that might come up. After our meeting, Brent and Megan wanted to get back into a home they had previously seen that was on the market and a bit overpriced for the area. We went through, did some analysis and submitted an offer closer to what true market price was. This was a relocation company we were dealing with and they weren’t really willing to move much so we waited a week… we went back with another offer, closer to their price, but still around market value. While we were in the waiting period, the bank decided to paint the home to make it a bit more marketable. We got a counter and countered that counter… after a few more back and forth counters, we were able to come to an agreement. Brent and Megan locked up a SWEET home in Maple Grove on a cul-de-sac. Brent is in law enforcement and ironically was driving the neighborhood between our offer being accepted and the closing and it just so happens that his new neighbor is also in law enforcement. As Brent joked at the closing “we’re kinda like family.”

It was really a great time getting to know you guys! I wish you all the best with your new home and hope you invite us over for your house warming party! I know it will be a blast!

Kerby Skurat

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