Denise 1

Denise and I worked together for some time to find the right home for her. We started focusing our search in the west metro but couldn’t find a place that worked for her. A new promotion at work re-directed our search to St. Paul side of town, and like magic the very first place we looked at happened to be the perfect spot for her! Not only was this down the road from her new job, but also blocks from her daughter and soon –to-be-born grandchild.

Congratulations on your new home, Denise!

Buyer’s Agent: Krista Holen

One Response

  1. love the new place, it really is perfect for me, close to work and more importantly, close to my daughter and family. It was so fun working with Krista. I would highly recommend her to everyone! Thanks Krista, you made it easy and fun.

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