Oneel - Zach & Katie 1Zack and Katie are friends of ours from church. They are a wonderful couple that is so sweet and everybody thinks highly of them. We were very privileged to help them with the purchase of their first home. They wanted to buy in the Plymouth, Maple Grove area. Knowing that the pricing is higher and more competitive, we really had our eyes open for the right house at an affordable price. We looked at several options and considered a few different possibilities even in Brooklyn Park and Northern Maple Grove towards Champlin. Finally, we found the perfect house! There were several other buyers that wanted to purchase the house but we put in our offer just in time and locked it up! We were able to negotiate a good purchase price that included the closing costs. The house was unique in a few ways but had a layout that worked for them and their future family. It is on the eastern side of Plymouth just across the street from the trail to medicine lake.  The house sits on a large lot that is very private with a wonderful open area and a small little pond. This location is fabulous for them. They have been hard at work doing some basic updates like painting that will make the house just shine! Zack and Katie, it was a privilege to help you through your home buying process and we hope you enjoy your home for many years to come and build the equity you are planning on. Enjoy it and congratulations!

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