“Erik and Erin bought their first home with Kerby years ago. 5 kids later, they decided to upsize to fit their family’s needs. Their home was BEAUTIFUL with updates they had done, and so we tested at a higher price than most of the homes in the neighborhood. We sold it quickly, yet down the line, the appraisal came in a bit lower than what we had sold it for. We were able to renegotiate with the buyers, and thankfully, still sold it for a lot more than they’d paid for the home!

They had decided to build with Lennar, so we also started the build process around the same time as listing. Since the build process takes several months, and we had sold their home so quickly, Erik and Erin were renting short term. Props to them for their courage to do so with 4 kids and a newborn. Maintaining a fabulous attitude as a family and a can-do spirit with the builder, they finally closed on their fabulous, brand-new home! Erik and Erin, you two are admirable and we continue to pray for the best for your family! Enjoy your new home!”

– KC Lead Agent, Cristina Edelstein-Skurat

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