Beaulieu-MathewI met Matt and Jen at a coffee shop for the first time when we talked over their home search and buying needs and then it was out looking at homes to find that “perfect home” in Blaine. They went out a few times with one of our showing specialists, but nothing seemed to be “just the right one”… that is until Jackson came along. The home had the location that met their needs, but more importantly, it had the floor plan and the price they were hoping for. We negotiated a bit and were able to get their inspection and all the closing details wrapped up just before they took off for their vacation to Costa Rica. I knew they loved coffee (I don’t think I saw them when they weren’t without a Caribou in hand) so at the closing, we gave them some of our new Kerby and Cristina coffee mugs. Matt gave me a smile and said he would put it to great use.

Matt and Jen, we hope you love and enjoy your new home! All the best to the both of you!

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