These creative storage ideas are interesting and will be a few things you haven’t thought of to do. You just never know if one of these will solve an issue you’ve been having for a while.

Stow and Go

Storage cubbies under a stairway and near an exterior door sure are handy for a family on the move. Put school packs, shopping bags, and sunglasses right where you can nab them on your way out the door. Everyone gets their own cubby.


Stairway to Storage Heaven

Tuck pull-out drawers under sturdy stairs. They’re ideal for stashing extra linens and seasonal items. Each drawer provides about two square feet of storage. If you really could calculate this on a value per square foot realized, that’s roughly $220 worth of extra space per drawer!


Locker Room

Gain more kitchen space without a costly kitchen remodeling job. Reclaimed high school gym lockers sport a new use as built-in pantry compartments. These add 18 cubic feet or $1,980 in square feet of extra storage space.


Overhead Room

Give your storage space a lift. Overhead areas, such as narrow hallways, make an ideal place for floating shelves and cabinets. You could gain up to 2.5 square feet, valued at $275 worth of space, in no time.


Seasonal Stash

Keep wrapping paper out of sight but not out of mind by suspending it from your closet ceiling on a simple cradle of wire. It’s easy to reach but won’t get torn or creased. In a closet that’s 6 feet wide by 2 feet deep, this trick makes 12 more square feet of storage worth about $1,320.


Laundry Basket Dresser

Tired of airing your dirty laundry in public? This slick DIY dresser uses cheap ($3) laundry baskets as drawers so you can divide and conquer your socks and jeans, whites and darks. The baskets glide on 1-by-2s or angled metal screwed to the sides of boxes you make yourself. Hint: Tilt the glides down a tad so the baskets won’t slide out.


Peak-a-boo Pantry

Finding hidden storage in the kitchen is always a treat. A portable pantry to fit the space between a refrigerator and a wall — a common underused place in many kitchens. The neat thing about this project is that it’s adjustable. You can make it as big or small as you need. And it’s totally DIYable if you have basic skills with a drill, hammer, and screwdriver.



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