5-Star Omakase Dining Experience!

By: Cristina Edelstein-Skurat 

Kerby and I went to Bambu Restaurant in Oakdale, it was an amazing Omakase dining experience. 

Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting a chef choose your order. The word means “I will leave it to you.” It’s a tradition that gives the chef creative freedom and the customer a memorable dining experience. Our chef was Chef Joey was AWESOME and his cousin Tin was his sous chef to make us a 20 course, chef’s choice sushi meal!

Chef Joey is super smiley, happy and nice. Kerby and I enjoyed sitting right at the bar and watching them make the food, and having him explain to us what we were eating and how he was preparing it. He has learned from several master chefs and has created his own taste and technique using a compilation of different styles. He has a knack for making absolutely incredible sauces– as you can see Kerby is drinking up the rest of the sauce!

He made unique cuisines like octopus balls, sashimi and several different types of dishes with squid, oysters and muscles. I tried all of it, although some of them are a little adventuresome for my tastes. Kerby pretty much loved it all! My favorite was the Tostada – a perfectly crisped flat layer much like a thicker wonton or egg roll wrapper, topped with pure goodness, tuna sashimi and heavenly sauce.

The food kept coming and coming! We were determined to at least try it all, but I promise you will not leave them hungry even if you simply just try to try things and I finished each dish. Most of them however, are so delicious and you find yourself finishing them anyway!

Joey said he had the dessert sushi and came out with a dish of foie gras, buttery crab and eel. It truly was so rich, there is no way you could have eaten them earlier.

And THEN Joey said, “ready for dessert?” we couldn’t say no to deep fried cheesecake. It was melty heaven in one bite! I had chocolate and Kerby one with a fresh strawberry, yum!

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