5 Major Reasons to Consider Selling in August:

1)      Like you, many buyers who are relocating would like to have their families settled prior to the school year. Whether it’s a company relocation or a personal one, time is of the essence in August for those finalizing their relocation plans.

2)      Inventory is shrinking in many parts of the country and is historically low in August. Consequently, the lack of inventory drives up the demand on your home, giving you a legitimate shot at getting more money when you sell. It’s a smaller window of time, but a very real opportunity nonetheless.

3)      After Labor Day, many people will hop in the market to try to sell their home during the stretch run before the holiday season. Once that happens, you’re now facing more competition and could lose out on the chance to haul in more equity from the sale of your home.

4)      Yes, many folks are on vacation or trying to relax for the rest of the summer. But, just like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’ll find that the buyers out looking for homes in the month of August are likely more serious than those folks “kicking tires” when the market first heats up during the spring.

5)      You may be planning a vacation yourself and what better time to show your home than when you won’t be dislodged on a regular basis to have your home shown, especially in the hot summer weather we tend to experience in August. Plus, with nobody to mess up your home, you won’t need to clean it each time there’s a showing because it will be clean each and every time your home is shown.

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