Pachoua YangI met the Yang clan (Pachoua, Tyler, and their two daughters Mei and Madeline) way back in January. They had crunched the numbers and decided that it would be wiser financially to buy rather than rent. Initially we focused our search on NSP (Neighborhood Stabilization Project) properties, homes eligible for down-payment assistance that Pachoua had heard about for a relative. But after a number of showings, it was clear that the best deals were to be found elsewhere. For the next 7 months or so, the Yang’s and I went out on showing after showing, discussed search criteria over the phone, wrote up offers (only to inevitably go into multiples and lose out), and experimented with location after location. It’s a tricky process for most buyers- learning how to shift expectations to fit budget and market. And then finally, one sunny August afternoon, we pulled up to a home in Coon Rapids– and everything clicked. The location was perfect, the yard the was perfect, the house was perfect, and on August 2nd, day 203 of our search, we wrote the offer on the Yang’s new home. A few short weeks later, I had the pleasure of handing the keys to Tyler and Pachoua. You guys have been on a long and exciting journey, and I have been so happy to have been a part of it. Welcome home Tyler and Pachoua!

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