Teng YangWell on his way to an exciting career as a graphic artist, Teng came to me looking to purchase his first home. Joined by his sister and brother-in-law, we initially spent a significant amount of time around Shakopee, looking to make his dollars go as far as possible by searching around the outskirts of the metro area. But, having spent a month or so searching with no results, we decided to expand and start looking to the north as well. It took a few tries and a few offers, but we finally we able to beat out 10 other buyers on a HUD home in Columbia Heights. This 4 bed, 3 bath was exactly what Teng had been looking for! With Bob Strandell from Bell Mortgage at the helm, we were able to get the loan finalized smoothly and, despite some sluggishness on the seller’s part, were able to close on time. Now it’s time to put those artistic skills to work and make that house pop! Welcome home Teng!

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