Jason GrayJason had been searching around for a few months for a solid investment opportunity. He already owned a single family home which he shared with a number of roommates, but he decided the time had come to brand out a bit more and start looking into multi-family units. His current realtor hadn’t been able to find him anything that appealing over the course of a few months, so I suggested we have a chat. When we met up to review his goals and criteria, we almost immediately came across a fantastic 4-plex on Newton in Minneapolis. Up to this point, he had not been considering that particular neighborhood, but after looking at the potential cash-flow to be generated, he knew he needed to take a look. After a few showings, talking with the current tenants, and some intense number crunching, Jason decided that this would not only be a wise financial investment, but an engaging project for him over the next few years. We wrote an offer, got accepted, and from then on it was smooth sailing until close. It has been a pleasure helping you out over the past few weeks Jason and I’m excited to see how the place looks after the facelift. Welcome home Jason!

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