If your real estate agent asks you out — and not just to see a gem of a house that’s been on the market for a while — give him/her a chance and say yes.

Here are 15 reasons to date a real estate agent:

1. According to Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy, “Every realtor is just a ninja with a blazer.”

2. Real estate agents are good negotiators.

3. They don’t give up easily. (He/She won’t give up easily on you, either.)

4. Real estate agents are comfortable with taking calculated risks, depending on commission to pay their bills.

5. Crave confidence in a date? Real estate agents trust their own abilities to sell properties and close deals for clients.

6. He’s/She’s a matchmaker: Real estate agents help clients’ dreams of home ownership come true by pairing what they can afford with what they need.

7. He/She probably doesn’t live in his/her parents’ basement.

8. For realtors, beauty is more than skin deep. They can see the potential in a property that others can’t.

9. Real estate agents are self-motivated, driven to succeed in a difficult field of work.

10. Real estate agents are accessible. They intentionally make themselves available to their clients — and, in all likelihood, to their significant others.

11. No 9-to-5 here. If you’re also a freelancer, a real estate agent’s unconventional schedule might appeal to you. Sure, he/she might be busy tomorrow evening, but might also be able to swing a weekday brunch.

12. Real estate agents are smart — and good at math. They’re always updating courses and intentionally learning more about their business and the neighborhoods they sell in.

13. Can’t handle awkwardness? Real estate agents depend on their people skills to survive financially. Invite a realtor to a dinner party, and he/she will bring out the charm.

14. A good real estate agent is discerning. He/She knows when to sell a property and when to hang on to it.

15. You’ll learn more about your city. Date a real estate agent, and you’ll get an education in thriving neighborhoods, up-and-coming areas to watch, zoning laws and gentrification.

Why else should one date a real estate agent?

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