The chalkboard paint trend has been kicking around the Internet for a while now, and some of you may be over it. We, however, definitely are not! I still can’t get enough of the stuff!


created at: 02/27/2013

1. Place a chalkboard behind your party treats, and label them using chalk arrows.

2. This to-do list board is made with clear chalkboard paint; I had never even heard of this! Imagine all the possibilities….

3. A pink door is pretty great… but a pink chalkboard door? Even better.

4. We’ve seen these wonderful chalkboard table runners, so what about reusable chalkboard placemats? No need for place cards!

5. Add some outdoorsy brightness to your wall with these tree boards!

created at: 02/27/2013

6. Paint a dresser a bright color and use chalk to label its contents.

7. Draw train tracks on a chalkboard table for the kids.

8. Label the contents of a drawer, then place a clear organizer on top… genius!

9. Use a chalkboard to send a message to family and friends.

10. Remove mason jar lids and paint them with chalkboard paint… now you have easy and stylish labels.


By Faith-towers Blog
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